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63pc of Mexican Municipalities ‘Inflitrated’ by Traffickers

A new study by the Congressional Commission on Development of the Municipalities in Mexico says that drug trafficking groups control 8 percent of all the...

20,000 Migrants Kidnapped per year in Mexico

Twenty thousand migrants per year are kidnapped in Mexico by criminal groups, says, citing Mexican and international monitoring organizations. The...

Colombia Government: 152 Gangs in Medellin

Colombian authorities have indentified 152 gangs operating in Medellin, according to a report by Caracol citing a government intelligence...

Uruguay’s Security Minister: “Feudalization” of Drug Trafficking

In an academic forum in Montevideo, Uruguay’s Interior Minister Eduardo Bonomi said the country is experiencing a “feudalization” of the criminal world in that...

17 Dead in Honduras Gang Massacre

Honduras is seeing the fallout from Tuesday’s grisly massacre inside a shoe factory, when three perpetrators used AK-47s to slaughter 17...

Plan Colombia

"Plan Colombia" is a multi-pronged, multi-billion dollar effort to battle drug trafficking organizations (DTOs), insurgencies and paramilitary groups in the Andean...