Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime
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As Evo wins another five years in power, he faces the reality that his country is turning into a... ReadLeer

Evo’s Challenge: Bolivia the Drug Hub

The possibility of ending nearly 50 years of civil conflict is in sight. While the vast majority of... ReadLeer

50 years of the FARC: War, Drugs and Revolution

The mad scramble for criminal power in the aftermath of the demobilization of the United... ReadLeer

The Victory of the Urabeños – The New Face of Colombian Organized Crime

Well-armed vigilantes in Mexico's Michoacan state have helped authorities dismantle a powerful... ReadLeer

Mexico’s Security Dilemma: Michoacan’s Militias

Special interest groups have co-opted Guatemala's justice system and blocked the efforts of those... ReadLeer

The War for Guatemala’s Courts

After the lower house passed the controversial marijuana bill July 31, Uruguay is poised to become... ReadLeer

Uruguay, Organized Crime and the Politics of Drugs

After the capture of Zetas boss "Z40," Nuevo Laredo is bracing itself for the worst. This... ReadLeer

The Zetas in Nuevo Laredo