Colombia's peace agreement was narrowly rejected in a plebiscite

How Rejected FARC Peace Deal Compares to Earlier Paramilitary Pact

Following the narrow victory by those who opposed the peace deal between Colombia's government and the FARC rebel group, InSight Crime considers how it compares to...

Colombia Elites and Organized Crime: ‘Don Berna’

By the end of 1993, Pablo Escobar was cornered. The cocaine king -- known as "El Patrón" -- was running out of money and options. His top assassins were either...
Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, alias 'Jorge 40' (Getty Images)

Colombia Elites and Organized Crime: ‘Jorge 40’

Rodrigo Tovar Pupo never imagined it would come to this: dressed in an orange jumpsuit in a Washington DC courtroom and standing in front of a United States federal...

Court Ruling Stirs Controversy Over Colombia’s ‘Para-Economy’

A recent ruling by Colombia’s Justice and Peace Court that mentioned Postobón called for employees of the iconic soft drink company to be investigated for...

Colombia Seeks Probe Into Beverage Giant’s Alleged Paramilitary Links

A Colombian court is seeking to renew investigations into allegations the country's iconic beverage company Postobón colluded with paramilitary death squads,...
Modelo Prison, Bogota, Colombia

Colombia Investigates Over 100 Disappearances from Bogotá Prison

Prosecutors in Colombia believe over 100 people were murdered, dismembered and disappeared in a Bogotá prison between 1999 and 2001, in a macabre example of how...
Former AUC chief Salvatore Mancuso

Prosecution Gaffe Absolves Colombia Paramilitary of Drug Trafficking

The Colombian Supreme Court has absolved a former paramilitary leader of drug trafficking charges, reigniting doubts about the country's willingness and ability to...

Surprisingly Light Sentence for Colombia Paramilitary Chief

Embed from Getty Images   One of Colombia's most notorious paramilitary warlords, "Jorge 40," could be free from prison in the United States in just...
Freddy Rendon, alias "El Aleman"

Colombia Paramilitary Leader ‘El Aleman’ Released From Prison

A former Colombian paramilitary leader with extensive links to organized crime has been released from prison, which may have significant consequences for Colombia's...