The BCB was one of Colombia's most powerful paramilitary blocs

Colombia’s ‘Invisible’ Drug Traffickers May Include ‘Narco-Ghost’

A profile of a Colombian drug trafficker who, after a long criminal career, disappeared off the radar highlights how key figures in the underworld continue to...
The Colombian Senate

140 Political Candidates in Colombia With Criminal Links: Report

A forthcoming report by a prominent Colombian NGO says at least 140 candidates running for political office in Colombia have criminal ties -- including links to...
AUC Commander Salvatore Mancuso

After US Sentencing, Colombia’s Top Paramilitary Braces for Next Legal Battle

The recent US sentencing of Salvatore Mancuso, Colombia's former paramilitary commander-in-chief, ends years of backroom negotiations but it did not answer the next...

Colombian Paramilitary Leaders Face Decades in US Prison

Colombian former paramilitary leaders Salvatore Mancuso and "Jorge 40" are facing long sentences after being convicted on US drug trafficking charges. However, the...
Jose de Jesus Perez Jimenez, alias "Sancocho"

Colombia Assassination Raises Fears Paramilitary Release Could End in Violence

The first paramilitary leader to have left prison via Colombia's transitional justice program has been murdered, a possible foreshadowing of more violence as the...

The Legacy of Colombia’s Vigilante Security: the Convivir

When Colombia approved the creation of citizen security groups in the early 1990s, it was supposed to bolster the state's fight against violence and crime. Twenty...
The DEA has come under fire recently

DEA Held Sex Parties, Received Guns from Colombia Paramilitaries: Report

A recently released internal report reveals that DEA agents accepted guns from Colombian paramilitary groups and participated in numerous sex parties funded by drug...

Colombia Land Reform Activists Face Rising Threats

Documented threats to Colombia's human rights activists skyrocketed in 2014, pointing to efforts by shadowy interest groups to halt land restitution...

What Paramilitary Leader’s Extradition Could Mean for FARC Peace

Colombia's Supreme Court has approved the extradition of ex-paramilitary leader Julian Bolivar, raising questions about the fate of other former paramilitaries...