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‘Cocaine Rice’ Sparks Argentina Probe into Colombia Narcos

Argentina's authorities believe a criminal network from Colombia was behind a major drug export operation, indicative of the prominent role that Colombians continue...
Alejandro Gracia Alvarez, alias "Gato Seco"

Colombia Nabs Argentina-Based Money Launderer

Authorities in Colombia have captured a man they said was the main Argentina-based connection for Colombian organized crime, who is accused of laundering huge...
Members of the Rastrojos captured in northern Colombia

Rastrojos Arrests in Colombia Show Group Still Active

Authorities in Colombia have captured 46 members of a Rastrojos cell and a top leader, indicating that in spite of the blows to the organization in recent years,...
Security forces in Buenaventura: Photo James Bargent

Valle del Cauca: A War too Far for the Urabeños?

The department of Valle del Cauca has become Colombia's bloodiest drug war battleground as the country's most powerful criminal organization, the Urabeños, push to...
Ex-Colombian President Alvaro Uribe

Uribe Accusations Reminder of Narco Money in Colombia Politics

The emergence of allegations made by an incarcerated drug baron that he funded the political activities of Colombia's former President Alvaro Uribe comes as a...
A criminal pact could soon see violence drop in Cali

Cali Criminal Pact Could Spark New Era for Crime in Colombia

Former sworn enemies from criminal clans based in Colombia's violence capital, Cali, have brokered an alliance from prison, according to security forces, which if...
Mafia violence has made Cali Colombia's most violent city

Old Generation Narcos Fuel Colombia’s New Mafia Wars

Violence in Colombia's Pacific region is being driven not only by new generation BACRIM groups but also by drug traffickers from the long gone Cali Cartel, say...
Sandra Avila Beltran, the "Queen of the Pacific"

Mexico’s ‘Queen of the Pacific’ Receives Light Sentence for Drug Crimes

Infamous Mexican drug trafficker the "Queen of the Pacific" could soon find herself walking free, after receiving a 70-month prison sentence which will be reduced...
Alias "Martin Bala"

Urabeños Capture May Shake Up Turf War in Southwest Colombia

Colombian police have captured alias "Martin Bala," a leader of drug trafficking orgaization the Urabeños, whose war with rival organization the Rastrojos in...