Elites, Organized Crime Share Long History in Tamaulipas, Mexico

The future of the recently elected governor in Tamaulipas, one of Mexico’s most criminally infested states, depends on punishing his predecessors for past...
The home of Southlake attorney Juan Jesús Guerrero Chapa, killed by a masked gunman in suburban Dallas in 2013

Top ‘Capo’ of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel Sought Haven in Texas

A former cartel lawyer who led the Los Zetas Cartel before fleeing Mexico was an exception to the "rule" that top kingpins did not try to hide in the United...
Created by the Gulf Cartel, the Zetas were the first armed wingl

Serving Mexico’s Cartels, Armed Cells Led to an Explosion of Violence

Beginning in the 1990s, Mexico's cartels began recruiting hired gunmen to act as armed cells. Since then, violence against civilians with no links to organized...

Explaining Mexico’s Decision to Extradite Alleged Drug Lords

Mexico has extradited two alleged drug lords and nearly a dozen other suspected drug traffickers to the United States, a decision that was likely influenced by the...

Mexico Oil Theft Just Keeps Getting Worse

Despite government efforts, fuel theft has risen in Mexico, at a time when falling oil and gas prices are already impacting the nation's economy and national...
A burned-out bus in Altamira, Tamaulipas

Gulf Cartel Violence Reminiscent of Mexico Drug War Peak

Violence exploded in northeastern Mexico this week following the arrest of a Gulf Cartel leader, demonstrating the ability of drug cartels to brazenly create chaos...
Perforated pipeline in Mexico

Why Success of Mexico’s Oil Security Plan May Not Matter

A Wilson Center report says Mexico's efforts to improve security in two states containing major oil and gas reserves may yield only short-term results and primarily...
Armored vehicles sent to Tamaulipas

New Report Examines Tamaulipas Security Strategy

A report from a prominent think tank tackles the new security strategy in Tamaulipas, one of Mexico's perennially conflictive northern...
Leaders of factions within the Zetas and Gulf Cartel

Announced Zetas, Gulf Alliance Could Change Mexico’s Criminal Landscape

Factions of the criminal organizations Zetas and Gulf Cartel announced the two criminal groups have formed an alliance, which, if true, would be a game changer in...