Narco-banner in Puebla, signed in name of El Taliban

Has Zetas Leader Joined Gulf Cartel to Fight Z-40?

Narco-banners have appeared across Mexico with messages implying that a top leader of the Zetas has rejoined the ranks of the Gulf Cartel, calling...
Mexican funeral wreath

‘Knights Templar’ Threaten Mayor with Funeral Wreath

Mexican criminal group the Knights Templar reportedly left a flower wreath with a note reading "RIP" dedicated to a city mayor, in an act typical of the symbolic...
An alleged rapist crucified in Michoacan

‘Knights Templar Crucify Alleged Rapist’

Reports that an alleged rapist was crucified in rural Michoacan, west Mexico, raise the question of whether the Knights Templar gang were responsible, as the...

Knights Templar Leader Makes Rare Video Appearance

The leader of Mexico's Knights Templar gang, alias 'La Tuta,' has appeared in a rare video espousing his group's peaceful credentials and calling for the downfall...

Why the Knights Templar Declared War on Zetas Leader

A banner hung by Mexican criminal group the Knights Templar declares their intention to persecute Zetas leader Miguel Angel Treviño, alias “Z-40.” Could this...

How a South Mexican Town Rose up Against Drug Gangs

A report about a small Mexican town which defied powerful criminal groups offers a close-up portrait of the methods of the Familia Michoacana and Caballeros...

Mexico Drug Gang Claims Pepsi Subsidiary Helped Govt Agents

The Caballeros Templarios, a drug gang based in west Mexico, left a series of public messages apologizing for arson attacks on a Mexico-based subsidiary of PepsiCo,...

Knights Templar Raise Stakes, Target Big Business

Mexico's authorities blamed the Caballeros Templarios gang for several attacks against Sabritas, a PepsiCo subsidiary, in what may be one of the first major...

In Mexico, 3 Gangs Battle for Control of Pacific State

Mexican authorities say that three different groups are currently fighting over Michoacan -- this could mean the state will see a lengthy, destabilizing conflict in...