Self-defense forces in Michoacan

Were Police Involved in Disappearance of Mexico Vigilantes?

Twelve members of a self-defense group in Mexico's Michoacan state went missing after going out on patrol in November 2014. Their families now say that police were...
Recently released vigilante leader Hipolito Mora

The New Criminal Players in Mexico’s Embattled Michoacan State

It would be easy to think that given all that has happened in Mexico's Michoacan state over the last few months, everything has changed. Knights Templar leader...

It’s Time for Mexico to Change How it Pursues Drug Lords

The recent detention of Servando “La Tuta” Gomez and Omar “Z42” Treviño was arguably the culmination of Mexico's high-value target strategy. However, the real...

How La Tuta’s Video Showmanship Set Him Apart in Mexico

Knights Templar leader Servando “La Tuta” Gomez, who was arrested by Mexican authorities today, was renowned for his extensive and bombastic reliance on video...

Mexico Captures ‘La Tuta’ but Michoacan Struggles On

The capture of yet another high-level target -- this time Servando Gomez, alias "La Tuta," the leader of the Knights Templar -- should be cause for celebration in...
Nicolas Sierra, leader of the Viagras in Michoacan, Mexico

Mexico Colludes with Alleged Criminals to Hunt Knights Templar

The prosecutor general of Michoacan state in west Mexico has admitted carrying out operations with alleged drug traffickers in the hunt for Knights Templar criminal...
The Iguala ex-mayor and his wife, both accused of narco ties

Mexico Mayors’ Narco Ties Go Far Beyond Iguala

Government information indicates that 12 mayors across Guerrero, Mexico may have criminal ties -- suggesting that a dynamic pushed into the public eye by the case...
Knights Templar leader "La Tuta" enjoys the media spotlight

Mexico’s Knights Templar Leader Vows to Never Surrender

The head of Mexican criminal group the Knights Templar, "La Tuta," has vowed to "fight to the end" in a defiant rant released at a time when staying quiet and...
A narco-message signed by the Jalisco Cartel

How the Jalisco Cartel Evolved with Mexico’s Drug War

In the competitive and ever-changing environment of Mexico's drug trade, groups like the CJNG and the Knights Templar have kept their position by adopting a...