After Vigilante War, Drug Trafficking Returns to Michoacan, Mexico

In late September, members of Mexico's Gendarmerie, the new federal police squad, made a quiet but significant discovery among the lime farms of the Tierra Caliente...
La Tuta meeting with journalists

Reporters Give Advice, Get Money from Mexico Cartel: Video

Two journalists in the Pacific Coast state of Michoacan received money from the leader of the Knights Templar drug cartel for presumably giving advice about what...
The road to Tlacotepec

Criminal Attack Isolates Towns in Security-Challenged Guerrero, Mexico

Public transportation connecting the mountain region with the center of Mexico's Guerrero state has been suspended after a criminal group detained several vehicles,...
'El Americano' (center) with 'La Tuta' (right)

Video Shows Mexico Vigilante Leader’s Cartel Ties

Video footage has emerged of a vigilante leader in Michoacan, Mexico, meeting with the head of the Knights Templar just months before he joined a...
Vigilante groups in Michoacan

Amid Vigilante Surge, Homicides Up 45% in Michoacan, Mexico

Homicide and extortion levels have risen significantly this year in Michoacan, southwest Mexico, indicating that vigilante groups have not proven successful at...
Mayor Dalia Santana Pineda

Knights Templar-Linked Mexico Mayor Arrested for Murder, Extortion

A mayor in Mexico's southwestern Michoacan state has been accused of murder, extortion and working with the Knights Templar, in a case highlighting the criminal...
A shot of La Tuta from the video

Mexico’s ‘La Tuta’ Acts as Judge In Latest Knights Templar Video

The latest video installment from Mexico's Knights Templar leader "La Tuta" shows the drug lord dividing up the inheritance of a deceased local businessman,...
Patzcuaro Mayor Salma Karrum Cervantes

The Mayor and the Mafioso: The Movie

A video of a tearful mayor from Michoacan, Mexico pleading for the help of the Knights Templar offers yet another example of both the extent of the criminal group's...
Knights Templar leader "La Tuta"

Has Mexico Neutralized the Knights Templar Boss?

A senior security official in Mexico has claimed that the leader of the Knights Templar criminal organization is "practically neutralized," but "La Tuta's" latest...