Eduardo Arrellano Felix was sentenced to 15 years in prison

The Tijuana Cartel is Dead: US

The United States has declared the end of Mexico's once mighty Tijuana Cartel following the sentencing of kingpin Eduardo Arellano Felix to 15 years in prison...

Tijuana Cartel

The Tijuana Cartel, also known as the Arellano Felix Organization, is based in one of the most strategically important Mexico border cities for trafficking drugs...
Francisco Javier Arellano Felix on his arrest in 2006

What We Can Learn from a Captured Tijuana Capo’s Testimony

A newly leaked declaration from a former leader of the Tijuana Cartel offers insight into the operations of what was once among Mexico’s foremost criminal...
The Arzate brothers, among Tijuana's most wanted

Sinaloa Cartel Members Rank as Tijuana’s Most Wanted

In one indication of how much the conflict in Tijuana has evolved since 2009, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued a new poster identifying the six...
A Tijuana murder scene

Baja California: A Test for Mexico’s Pax-Mafioso?

In one indication that the Sinaloa Cartel may be wary of attracting federal government attention back to Tijuana, one of the cartel's top leaders reportedly told...
 Guadalajara Cartel chief Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo

How Mexico’s Underworld Became Violent

Mexico’s battles with drug trafficking have been a constant in the country’s modern history, but the activities and organization of the criminal groups operating...
Tijuana architect Eugenio Velazquez

Tijuana Architect Case Calls Attention to Unwilling Drug Cartel Mules

A noted Tijuana architect received a lenient sentence for cocaine smuggling after authorities confirmed that he'd been forced to do so after being threatened by an...
A courtroom sketch of Eduardo Arellano Felix hearing in San Diego

Eduardo Arellano Felix Extradited to the US

The last of the Arellano Felix brothers to be arrested has now been extradited to the US, a testament to how far the family has fallen since the 1990s, when they...

Tijuana Cartel Survives, Despite Decade-Long Onslaught

A string of arrests and extraditions of important members of the Tijuana Cartel over the last month show the group is debilitated but resilient, able to maintain...