Colombia to Extradite Makled on Weekend

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Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin announced that Walid Makled’s extradition to Venezuela would be completed by May 9, El Nacional reports. Makled’s extradition was approved by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in April, but was delayed because Caracas needed make certain guarantees to seal the deal, and because U.S. officers were debriefing Makled.

The required documents, which have now arrived, are guarantees that Venezuela will respect Makled’s rights and will not execute him. Holguin’s declarations come a day after Colombia‘s Minister of the Interior and Justice German Vargas Lleras announced that the extradition would not take place until Venezuela showed documented proof that Makled’s rights would be protected, according to Caracol.

The U.S. also requested Makled’s extradition, but Colombia opted to send him to Venezuela, in a show of improved ties with Caracas.

Makled has announced that he has sensitive information about high ranking officials in the Venezuelan government, including military personnel, involved in drug trafficking operations.

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