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Can Port of Antwerp Truly Stem Cocaine Entering Europe?

In recent years, the port of Antwerp in Belgium has been the main entry point for cocaine into Europe, and authorities are actively trying to change that fact. But...
Tangara cabeciazul hallado en una caja en el aeropuerto internacional de Lima, Perú

Songbirds to Raptor Eggs, the Looting of Latin America’s Bird Species

The case of an infamous Irish trafficker who is facing extradition to Brazil for stealing peregrine falcon eggs has brought attention to the diverse ways in which...

GameChangers 2019: 10 Predictions for Organized Crime in 2020

The year was one of political tumult, fed in no small part by organized crime and its favored weapon: corruption. The region appeared to take a step backwards...
Dino Bouterse was sentenced to over 16 years in prison

Suriname President’s Son Sentenced for Terrorism, Drug Trafficking

A US court sentenced Dino Bouterse, the son of Suriname's president, to over 16 years in prison for terrorism and drug trafficking charges in a case that...
Dino Bouterse, son of the president of Suriname

Son of Suriname’s President Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking, Terrorism

The son of Suriname's president, who served as head of the country's counterterrorism unit, has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, weapons, and terrorism charges,...
Suriname President Desi Bouterse

DEA ‘Has Proof’ of Suriname President’s Ties to Drug Lord

The DEA has apparently uncovered "hard evidence" of connections between the president of Suriname and a high-profile convicted drug lord, in what would amount to...
Dino Bouterse arriving at court in 2003

Suriname President’s Son Captured On Drug Trafficking Charges

The arrest of the son of Suriname's president, on drugs and weapons trafficking charges, complements his father's criminal past and reinforces the links between...

Suriname Grants Amnesty to ‘Narco-President’ Bouterse

Suriname's legislature has approved an amnesty act which will prevent a murder trial against President Desi Bouterse, a convicted drug trafficker, fueling concerns...

Suriname Customs Official Arrested for Fuel Fraud

Police in Suriname have arrested a high-ranking customs official for fuel fraud, in another sign of how vulnerable the tiny country is to organized crime and...