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Contraband Turns to Bloodshed Between Ecuador and Peru

A series of assassinations on Ecuador’s southern border with Peru have been attributed to gang members fighting for control of the illegal crossings by which both...

El Salvador Seizing Thousands of Guns but Flow of Weapons Continues

Salvadoran authorities recently claimed that an anti-gang campaign has led to thousands of weapons being seized. But the numbers and types of weapons seized are...

US Hemorrhaging Weapons to Mexico, One at a Time

A recent UN report shows that traffickers move weapons from the United States to Mexico in small quantities, even a single firearm at once, in a divergence from...

Jamaica and Haiti Swap Drugs and Guns

Criminal gangs in Jamaica and Haiti are engaged in a deadly trade: the exchange of marijuana for...

Lift on Panama Firearms Import Ban May Backfire Amid Homicide Spike

Authorities in Panama have ended a nearly decade-long ban on the importation of firearms into the country, a move that could end up benefiting traffickers and...

Lack of US Gun Control Provokes Record Bloodshed in Mexico

US firearms have flowed into the hands of corrupt security forces and criminal organizations in Mexico for years, yet the United States is still struggling to stem...

Argentina’s Evolving Role in the Global Arms Trade

While the seizure of hundreds of high-powered weapons in Argentina and a subsequent investigation offer fresh clues about criminal dynamics in the infamous border...

Homemade Gun Factories Sell Cheap Weapons to Brazil Criminals

Despite the loosening of gun ownership laws in Brazil, the country is seeing a boom in illegal gun factories, with homemade weapons taking up a...

Gun Rentals Make Life Easier for Mexico City Criminals

Criminals in Mexico City are increasingly able to rent weapons, use them to commit crimes and then return them, stealing a march on Mexican authorities...

Brazil’s New Gun Laws Risk Raising Body Count

On May 7, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree relaxing gun ownership laws, raising fears that it will worsen violence in the country. The decree is...
Argentina has dismantled a large arms trafficking organization

Argentina Traffickers Buying US Arms for Sale to Brazil Gangs

Arms traffickers in Argentina bought US AR-15 rifle parts, assembled the firearms, and then transported the arsenal in a military-style truck. The intended buyers...

Ecuador Arms Trafficking Ring More Complex Than Previously Thought

Organized crime structures are known to be moving entire arsenals from Peru into Ecuador and on to armed groups within Colombia. However, the full details about the...