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Ancient Andean Tradition or Dangerous Narcotic? A Tale of Two Documents

A diplomatic battle is raging over whether the United Nations should reverse its ban on coca leaf chewing, with the United States maintaining that such a repeal...

Morales Struggles to Balance Drug Policy

President Evo Morales announced last week that he will relaunch an "international campaign" promoting the decriminalization of the coca leaf, the raw material for...

Nigeria Seizes Huge Cocaine Shipment from Bolivia

Friday, authorities in Nigeria seized a cocaine shipment with an estimated worth of $7 million in the port city...

Bolivia VP: US Has ‘Obligation’ to Fund Anti-Drug Efforts

Responding to a remark made by USAID mission director Wayne Nilsestuen about an upcoming "overall reduction" in aid, Bolivia’s vice president Álvaro?García...

Bolivia Announces Drug Trafficking Summit with Peru and Brazil

Bolivian government spokesperson, Sacha Llorenti, announced yesterday that Peru, Bolivia and Brazil all plan to hold a meeting to coordinate future policies in the...

Bolivia and Paraguay Sign Drug Trafficking Treaty

Both the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense for Bolivia and Paraguay signed a bilateral agreement yesterday during the fourth session of the "Two-Plus-Two...

Bolivian Government Identifies Source of ‘Illegal’ Coca

The Bolivian government announced on Monday that it has located the six regions in which most of the country’s legally-produced coca is diverted to the illegal...

Bolivia Celebrates Anti-Drug Day

Bolivia has indicated recently that it is interested in new alliances in the fight against the drug...