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A member of Venezuela’s National Guard watches over a border crossing with Colombia

Report Charts Evolution and Militarization of Venezuela’s Drug Trade

A new report details the evolution of Venezuela's drug trade, and offers some insights into the rise of the military's role in this illicit...

US Sanctions Against Venezuela VP Hit Highest Government Rank Yet

The decision by the United States to sanction Tareck El Aissami, the recently-appointed vice president of Venezuela, for his alleged involvement in drug trafficking...
Venezuela's National Guard

GameChangers 2016: Venezuela’s Cartel of the Suns Revealed

The Cartel of the Suns lived up to its name in 2016, moving from the shadows into the light with the exposure of new details about the network of corrupt officials...
The Maduro government has created conditions that have allowed for the accelerated growth of criminality and organized crime.

GameChangers 2016: Criminality and Organized Crime Thrives in Venezuela

This year has brought Venezuela to its knees -- economically, politically and socially -- providing organized crime with extremely fertile...
A depiction of the convicted nephews during trial

Venezuela’s ‘Narco Nephews’ Case Hints at Govt Complicity in Drug Trade

Two nephews of Venezuela's first lady have been found guilty of drug crimes in a US federal court, with several pieces of evidence presented during the trial...
Roberto de Jesús Soto García

Arrest of Third Suspect May be Game Changer in Venezuela’s ‘Narco Nephews’ Case

The recent arrest in Honduras of a lesser-known suspect in Venezuela's “narco nephews” case may bring to light additional information about the trafficking...
Courtroom sketch depicting Campo and Flores

Venezuela First Lady’s Brother Implicated in International Drug Deal

The brother of Venezuela’s first lady reportedly set up an international cocaine trafficking deal that landed her nephews in US federal court, another indication...
Venezuelans lining up in front of a supermarket

In Food-Starved Venezuela, Cartel of the Flour?

Authorities in food-poor Venezuela arrested two individuals on suspicion of smuggling almost three tons of white powder, but it wasn't the usual seizure of illegal...
Venezuela Interior Minister Néstor Luis Reverol

Indicted Minister: Venezuela is Free of Drug Trafficking

Venezuela's new minister of Interior and Justice touted the country's drug interdiction bona fides just weeks after the US government announced he had been indicted...
1.4 tons of cocaine was put aboard an Air France plane in 2013

Venezuela Sentences Low-Ranking Military in Air France Cocaine Bust

Authorities in Venezuela sentenced 10 individuals for trafficking 1.4 tons of cocaine on an Air France flight in 2013, but the convicted did not include any...
A Venezuelan National Guard member stands watch at an airport

Venezuela Charges Low-Ranking Guardsmen in High-Level Drug Deal

Venezuelan authorities charged four National Guard members with plotting to traffic a load of cocaine to Mexico, but the low ranks of the officers point to the...
Nestor Reverol, Venezuela's new interior minister

Venezuela President’s Cabinet Choice Further Politicizes Drug Cases

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has named a man US authorities accused of drug trafficking as the country's new Interior minister, a move that further...