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Former DEA agent Danny Dalton

Ex-DEA Agent: US Tolerant of Central American Drug Corruption

Former DEA agent in El Salvador Danny Dalton doesn't mince words: Central America's drug trafficking organizations would not be so well developed without the help...
Chepe Luna is welcomed by family in 2012

The Corrupt Legacy of El Salvador Trafficker ‘Chepe Luna’

Drug trafficker-turned-transport tycoon "Chepe Luna," shot dead in Honduras last month, will be survived by his web of corruption, with an extensive network of...
Jose Natividad Luna Pereira, alias "Chepe Luna"

Was the Assassination of El Salvador’s ‘Chepe Luna’ a Criminal Hit or Just Business?

The alleged leader of El Salvador's Los Perrones drug running group "Chepe Luna" has been assassinated in Honduras, raising questions about whether he was killed...
 Jose Natividad Luna Pereira, alias “Chepe Luna"

‘Chepe Luna,’ the Police and the Art of Escape

The United States -- which through its antinarcotics, judicial and police attaches was very familiar with the routes used for smuggling, and especially those used...

The Infiltrators: Corruption in El Salvador’s Police

Ricardo Mauricio Menesses Orellana liked horses, and the Pasaquina rodeo was a great opportunity to enjoy a party. He was joined at the event -- which was...
Police Commissioner Godofredo Miranda Martinez

Purging El Salvador’s National Police: Mission Impossible

In the past fortnight, two newspaper articles have sought to address impunity within El Salvador's Civil National Police (PNC). One revealed the links between a...
Former police chief Menesses with a Barrio 18 leader

Washington: a Refuge for Friends of El Salvador Drug Trafficker

For the second time, the Salvadoran embassy in Washington DC is about to turn into a temporal home for a police official linked to Jose Natividad Lena Pereira,...

The Well-Placed Friends of ‘Chepe Luna’

Following the arrest and speedy release of Salvadoran drug kingpin 'Chepe Luna,' analyst Hector Silva Avalos looks back at the trafficker's friends in high places...

El Salvador’s ‘Pablo Escobar’ Briefly Captured in Honduras

“Chepe Luna,” the trafficker who has done the most to develop El Salvador’s drug trade, was freed just one day after being arrested in Honduras, in the latest of...
El Salvador drug trafficker Chepe Luna

How Police Corruption Let Salvador Kingpin Escape

Salvadoran diplomat Hector Silva Avalos tells the story of a botched operation to capture the drug lord known as 'Chepe Luna,' leader of the Perrones drug gang. Its...

José Natividad Luna Pereira, alias ‘Chepe Luna’

Once the most powerful boss of the Perrones "transportista" syndicate, Jose Natividad Luna Pereira, alias "Chepe Luna," was murdered in Honduras in June 2014....


The Perrones are El Salvador's most infamous transportation group. Made up of a mix of hoteliers, human smugglers, and contraband traders, the group's activities...