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Brazil Humanitarian Law Feeds Active Black Market in Venezuela

Food trucked into Venezuela from Brazil under a law allowing it to be transported for humanitarian needs is being diverted to Venezuela's black...

Between Contraband and Coronavirus: Migration Dynamics at the Venezuela-Colombia Border

As Venezuelan citizens try to return home during the coronavirus pandemic, their own government has accused them of spreading the virus while illegal groups along...

Coronavirus Lockdown Boosts Demand for Contraband Cigarettes in Chile

The sophisticated theft of a cigarette shipment has put Chile’s worsening contraband cigarette crisis on display, which has been exacerbated by the coronavirus...

Paraguay Bungling Chance to Root Out Corruption in Customs

Last year, the arrest of top customs officials in Paraguay revealed a sprawling corruption network that allowed smugglers to operate with near-complete impunity. As...

Brazil Smuggles In Hydroxychloroquine Amid Coronavirus Despair

Smugglers in Brazil wasted no time in moving an anti-malarial drug touted by President Jair Bolsonaro as a potential treatment for the coronavirus, smuggling more...

Chile Sees Drug Trafficking as Most Severe National Security Threat: Survey

While Chile has one of the lowest homicide rates in Latin America and has managed to avoid major criminal groups developing there, a new survey has shown that...

Despite Vast Oil Reserves, Venezuela Smuggling Gasoline From Colombia, Brazil

Despite having the world's largest oil reserves, years of mismanagement and theft have led Venezuela to a bizarre turn of events. Gasoline is so scarce in the...
Argentina is home to a large contraband cigarette market

Argentina Smugglers Turn to Cigarettes in Coronavirus Lockdown

Amid a shortage of cigarettes in Argentina after factory closings due to the coronavirus pandemic, the black market cigarette trade has surged -- an illegal economy...

Six Ways Coronavirus is Impacting Organized Crime in the Americas

Criminal groups across Latin America have been forced to dig deep by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Moving drugs and contraband, shaking down...

Coronavirus Driving Black Market for Medical Equipment in Cuba

The theft of thousands of surgical masks in Cuba reveals how the island’s active black market has adapted quickly to the coronavirus...

Coronavirus Stokes Colombia’s Black Market Medicine Trade

The seizures of several illegal shipments of medicine in Colombia's northern department of La Guajira has shown that one of the country's least-discussed criminal...

Coronavirus Squeezing Finances of Mexico’s Criminal Groups

Contacts in China provide Mexican criminal groups with everything from counterfeit luxury goods to chemical precursors for making fentanyl. But with the spread of...