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Contraband Cheese From Venezuela on Colombia’s Criminal Menu

Cheese has increasingly joined oil and other commodities smuggled along the border between Colombia and Venezuela, and criminal groups are milking the...

Black Market for Mayan Artifacts Still Thrives in Guatemala

Guatemalan authorities carried out raids at a shop selling illegally sourced artifacts, renewing focus on the country’s struggles to stamp out the remains of a...

Chile’s Copper Robbing Epidemic Likely Fueled by China Demand

The seizure of tons of stolen copper near Santiago, Chile, set to be sent illegally to China, has revealed that increasingly daring robberies may be fueled by the...

Brazil Fighting Pesticide Smuggling War on Two Fronts

A growing market for stolen or smuggled pesticides has left Brazil in a bind, as it fights increasingly large robberies at home while also cracking down on smuggled...

Jade: New Crown Jewel for Crime Groups in Guatemala

Authorities have uncovered that an eastern coastal region of Guatemala, known to be a cocaine corridor, has been used in the trafficking of jade -- a gemstone used...

Guyana’s Mining Region is Open Door to Venezuelan Organized Crime

A recent Crisis Group report explores criminal dynamics in the Guyanese mining region bordering Venezuela, revealing how the chaos and violence of Venezuela’s...
Containers are prime targets of crime groups

Argentina Customs ‘Mafia’ Earns Millions From China Imports

Authorities in Argentina are prosecuting 48 customs officials accused of leading an elaborate network that made millions forging records of Chinese imports,...

Smuggled Ecuador Gas Fuels Colombia Cocaine Production

A massive flow of smuggled fuel from Ecuador into Colombia is benefiting drug traffickers who use it to produce cocaine and to gas up boats moving...

Venezuela Archipelago, New Hotspot for Drug Smuggling

The Los Roques Archipelago -- a group of islands off Venezuela's northern coast known for their white sand beaches and turquoise waters -- has become a staging...

Homeless People Abused to Smuggle Cell Phones in Costa Rica Jails

A group that used homeless people to smuggle cell phones and drugs into Costa Rican prisons is under investigation, the second time such a ring has been exposed in...

Rental Cars from Argentina Exchanged for Drugs on Bolivia Border

An operation on the border between Bolivia and Argentina revealed that criminal organizations were exchanging stolen cars for narcotics, exposing a new transaction...

Corrupt Paraguay Officials Allow Thriving Contraband Market Into Brazil

A series of raids have highlighted how widespread corruption among Paraguayan officials has allowed smugglers to operate with impunity along the Brazilian border,...