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Brazil Hits Enter on Digital Piracy Crackdown

Brazilian authorities have launched a nationwide operation against digital piracy in conjunction with US and UK law enforcement, the country’s most recent attempt...

Six Ways Coronavirus is Impacting Organized Crime in the Americas

Criminal groups across Latin America have been forced to dig deep by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Moving drugs and contraband, shaking down...

Latin America Under Threat of Cybercrime Amid Coronavirus

Online scams, ransomware attacks and phishing email schemes have proliferated in Latin America amid the coronavirus pandemic, exposing the dangers hackers pose to...

Millions Stolen by Hackers Shows Vulnerability of Mexico’s Banks

Hackers infiltrated Mexico’s banking system to transfer millions of dollars to bogus accounts and then made cash machines shell out the money, in a case that...

Canadian Company Custom-Made Encrypted Phones for Cartels: FBI

US authorities have arrested the head of a Canadian company that allegedly made millions of dollars selling mobile phones optimized for concealing criminal...
Cyber crime is big business in Latin America

The Connected Black Market: How the Dark Web Has Empowered LatAm Organized Crime

The global proliferation of internet access has transformed societies, enabling online and financial inclusion in the developing world. But it has also empowered...
Child pornography distributors created a global network using WhatsApp

Multinational Operation Targets Major Online Child Porn Network

An operation against a child pornography network that spanned at least 18 countries in Europe and Latin America has once again underscored the difficulties of...
Microsoft is opening a cyber security center in Mexico

Microsoft Opens Cyber Security Center in Mexico City

Microsoft is opening a cyber security center in Mexico City in order to better combat an estimated $4 billion industry, a decision that points to growing concern...
The cost of crime in the region is equivalent to the money spent on infrastructure

Report Highlights Disproportionate Costs of Crime in LatAm

A report by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on the costs of crime and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean shows that while the region has recently...
Cyber theft in Mexico is on the rise

Mexico Struggling With Widespread Cyber Theft of Personal Data

The cyber theft of personal and business data in Mexico is reportedly increasing, illustrating the limited power that government institutions possess to counter the...
Cybercrime is on the rise in Latin America

Can Latin American Governments Keep Up With Cyber Criminals?

Extensive reports have repeatedly underlined Latin America’s vulnerability to cybercrime, an Achilles' heel which organized crime is already capitalizing on and...
Cell phone chargers in a Brazilian cab

Cyber Crooks Expected to Take Gold at Brazil Olympics

Experts are warning about a potential uptick in cyber crime activity in connection with the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as high-tech criminals gear up for...