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Proxy Gang Wars Fuel Record Homicides in Ecuador’s Prisons

An ongoing gang war in Ecuador’s prisons has made 2020 the bloodiest year on record for inmates, underscoring how the country’s penitentiary system cannot...

Major Oil Trader Fined for Bribes Across Latin America

The world’s biggest oil trading firm faces a large fine after a multi-country investigation revealed it bribed Brazilian, Mexican and Ecuadorian officials...

Contraband Turns to Bloodshed Between Ecuador and Peru

A series of assassinations on Ecuador’s southern border with Peru have been attributed to gang members fighting for control of the illegal crossings by which both...

Chinese Fishing Fleet Leaves Ecuador, Chile, Peru Scrambling to Respond

A new report suggests the Chinese fishing fleet that mass trawled just off Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands in recent months crossed the maritime boundary to fish...

Why Oil Theft Spread Across Latin America During Pandemic

From mostly being a lower-level criminal annoyance, oil theft has spread across Latin America during the coronavirus pandemic as a way for gangs to supply thriving...

New Names, Old Tricks for ex-FARC Mafia in Colombia’s Putumayo

Recent reports of a group called the Border Command (Comandos de la Frontera) in the department of Putumayo, located on the border between Colombia and Ecuador,...

Coronavirus Has Not Slowed Looting of Latin America’s Maritime Species

The pace of eco-trafficking in Latin America does not appear to have slowed under the coronavirus pandemic, with the smuggling of maritime species being...

Corruption Hikes Price of Body Bags in Coronavirus-Hit Ecuador

While stark images of bodies in makeshift coffins left outside houses revealed how severely Ecuador's healthcare system had collapsed during the coronavirus...

For Ecuador’s Fishermen, ‘Vueltas’ Rarely End in a Return

A new report sheds light on US authorities' controversial practice of detaining Ecuadorian fishermen acting as drug mules in international waters and holding them...

Capital Murder: 2019 Homicide Rates in Latin America’s Capital Cities

In a year marked by political and criminal turmoil, Latin American capitals did not escape the effects of the violence, organized crime and state repression...
Cocaine sized Guayaquil Ecuador

Thriving in the Shadows: Cocaine, Crime and Corruption in Ecuador

Over the last decade, Ecuador has quietly emerged as a key piece of the global drug trade, with up to a third of...

Telmo Castro – The Sinaloa Cartel’s Man in Ecuador

For Ecuador, the death of one of the country’s most notorious homegrown drug traffickers was the end of an era. But for his Mexican bosses, Telmo Castro’s...