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A shrine to "Saint Nazario"

Seeking a Place in History – Nazario Moreno’s Narco Messiah

In a 2012 interview with leading members of Mexico's Knights Templar -- including Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, alias "El Chayo" --  the organization's territorial...
Vigilante leader Hipolito Mora (seated)

‘El Chayo’ Dead but Knights Templar War with Vigilantes Rages On

The killing by Mexican navy commandos of bizarre Michoacan gangster Nazario "The Craziest One" Moreno will prove a short lived victory for both the government and...
Servando Gomez Martinez, alias "La Tuta"

‘La Tuta’ Likely New Leader of Knights Templar After ‘El Chayo’ Death

The death of Knights Templar leader "El Chayo" in Mexico has had little outward effect on the group's leadership structure, though the take down of the group's...
Photo of body of Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, alias "El Chayo"

Mythical Leader of Mexico Cartel Dead – For Sure This Time

Marines have killed the founder of the Familia Michoacana and leader of the Knights Templar, a mythical figure in the Mexico underworld, who disappeared in 2010 and...
Moreno Anguiano and Reza Sanchez

Capture of ‘El Chayo’ Brother Another Blow to Knights Templar

Two senior figures in Mexico's Knights Templar -- one of them the brother of the now semi-mythical figure of Michoacan drug lord El Chayo -- have been...
Many Michoacan residents regard Nazario Moreno a saint

Rumors Fuel The Legend of the “Narco-Saint”

The reported arrest of a financial operator for "The Craziest One," the former leader of Mexico's Familia Michoacana, has fueled rumors that the cartel boss, hailed...

Mexico’s Drug Lords: Too Big to Fail?

On the anniversary of the death of one of Mexico's most-wanted drug lords, analyst Alejandro Hope looks at the government's strategy of taking down high-value...

Familia Michoacana Leader Tells Michoacan ‘God is With Us Until Victory’

In an audio recording attributed to a top leader of the Familia Michoacana, the group's self-serving ideology is heard in full...

Peace Rallies in Michoacan Demand Police Withdrawal

Sunday peace rallies across Michoacan emphasized a deep distrust of government authority, with some demonstrators voicing support for the Familia...

InSight: 5 Reasons Why the Familia Will Survive

After the death of its top leader, the Familia Michoacana is injured, but it is far from done. The government's attempt to clear President Felipe Calderon's home...

Top Familia Commander Reportedly Killed in Michoacan

The leader of the Familia Michoacana, Nazario Moreno González, alias "El Chayo" or "El Más Loco," was killed Thursday in a police shootout, said a government...

City Paralyzed by Familia Blockade

In a record surge of violence, federal police clashed with Familia Michoacana members yesterday in fourteen different municipalities in Michoacán, including the...