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Environmental crimes encompass a wide spectrum of illicit activities, including illegal wood, wildlife trafficking, illegal mining and land grabbing.


Social Media Used to Sell Exotic Animals in Brazil

A spate of recent operations targeting wildlife trafficking rings in Brazil have highlighted the extent to which such groups have been increasingly relying on...

Argentina Turns to DNA to Fight Cattle Rustling

Officials in Argentina have been discussing how DNA testing may be used to curb cattle rustling and rural crime in Santa Fe, indicating ministers will seek to apply...

Organized Crime in 2020 – Highlights of InSight Crime’s Annual Conference

A number of Latin America’s leading academics, investigative journalists and security experts gathered virtually December 3 to discuss the most pressing...

Mako Sharks Gutted and Tossed on a Chilean Landfill

The discovery of 17 shark carcasses discarded in a landfill in Chile indicates that illegal fishing practices may be on the rise as criminal actors continue to prey...

Pirates of the Lake – Gangs Prey on Venezuelan Fishermen

Fisherman are denouncing increased piracy around Lake Valencia in northern Venezuela, which is weakening one of the last productive industries in the...

Stealing an Entire Dinosaur – Thieves Loot Brazil’s Precious Fossils

The discovery of a fossil trafficking network in Brazil’s northeastern state of Ceará has shone a spotlight on a little-noticed but thriving, decades-old illegal...

Chinese Fishing Fleet Leaves Ecuador, Chile, Peru Scrambling to Respond

A new report suggests the Chinese fishing fleet that mass trawled just off Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands in recent months crossed the maritime boundary to fish...

Paraguay Forest Fires Fueled by Increasing Marijuana Demand During Pandemic

The forest fires that have blazed across Paraguay in recent weeks seem to have been, in part, started by criminal groups seeking to clear space for more marijuana...

Fake Turtle Eggs With GPS Trackers Seek Rollout Across Latin America

An experiment to track poached turtle eggs through the use of synthetic eggs equipped with GPS trackers in Costa Rica has offered a seductive new approach to...

The Jaguar King Who Founded Honduras’ Little French Key Zoo

Zimba the jaguar should not have been there. The biologist recognized it as the same jaguar she had ordered to be confiscated a year earlier during her first...

Destroy, Rinse, Repeat – Peru’s Illegal Mining Struggles in Áncash

Peruvian authorities have destroyed yet another illegal mining site in one of the nation’s most popular national parks, but the ongoing failure of official...

Suriname’s Jaguar Trade: From Poaching to Paste

The jaguar’s head slumps over the back of an all-terrain vehicle. A lifeless paw outstretched above a large muddied tire provides a glimpse of its former mass and...