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Colombia’s EPL Bitterly Divided Between Political, Drug Trafficking Factions

A top EPL guerrilla commander in Colombia was killed on order of its high command for treason -- an act likely to further inflame infighting among the group’s...

Colombia Running Out of Incentives to Convince Armed Fighters to Surrender

The Colombian government's latest offer of legal benefits to individuals of armed groups who surrender and face justice was met with skepticism, especially since it...

Drug Traffickers Used Venezuela’s Isla Margarita as Backdoor to Europe

A Venezuelan island in the Caribbean that is a popular tourist destination was used by a Colombian trafficker to move drugs to the United States and Europe, in...

Increase in Violence Leads to More Forced Displacements in Colombia

A recent report has shown the scale to which forced displacements due to violence are increasing in Colombia, primarily affecting vulnerable groups like...

Colombia’s EPL Faces Bleak Prospects After Death of Pácora

The killing of the leader of the EPL’s political and military wings by the Colombian army comes at a critical time for the criminal group, as it finds itself...

Colombia’s Armed Groups Prey on Venezuela Migrants

A new report by Human Rights Watch on violence in the department of Norte de Santander, Colombia, shows how vulnerable Venezuelan migrants are to the criminal...

EPL, Rastrojos Behind Rising Violence in Venezuela Border State of Táchira

A recent shootout at the main border crossing between Colombia and Venezuela and the killing of five people in another Venezuelan frontier town shows that clashes...

EPL Muscles in on El Naya Drug Corridor in West Colombia

The killing of four people in Jamundí, Valle del Cauca, may have been the EPL’s way of announcing its entrance to one of Colombia’s strategic drug corridors:...

ELN and EPL Conflict Intensifies at Colombia-Venezuela Border

A recent massacre that left eight people dead near the Colombia-Venezuela border shows how much the conflict has intensified between two armed groups battling for...

EPL Urban Militia Sows Fear in Colombia-Venezuela Border Communities

The demobilization of Colombia's main guerrilla group, the FARC, has left a criminal power vacuum along the country's eastern border with Venezuela, where a war for...
Photo: Howard Yanes/AP

Colombia and Venezuela: Criminal Siamese Twins   

Colombia and Venezuela have shared criminal dynamics for decades. Colombia has pushed cocaine through Venezuela on its journey to US and European markets,...

The New War in Colombia’s Catatumbo

Sixteen months after the Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla group signed an agreement in Bogotá ending a half century of fighting, the promise of peace is...