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For Mexican Cartels, Cash is King

Drug trafficking is the single most lucrative activity for criminal groups in Mexico, but while the supply chain and production methods associated with it are...

Extortion Rings Run From Colombia’s Prisons

With talk in Medellin about creating a cashless public transport system and moves in Bogota towards installing cell phone signal jammers in prison, Colombian...

InSide: The Most Dangerous Job in the World

Much of the headlines in the region about organized crime are focused on the chase, capture, and sometimes death of infamous criminal leaders. But there are many...

Two Attacks on PEMEX Highlight Increasing Dangers

Two attacks by suspected organized criminal gangs on state oil workers in Mexico in recent days have left two dead and one kidnapped. The attacks, which occurred...

Three Bombs in Colombian City as Rebels Increase Extortion

Another bomb, the third in a week, exploded outside the offices of a wealthy rancher in the city of Neiva in the southern department of Huila, a stronghold of the...

Bus Bomb in Guatemala Kills Six

At least six people died and another dozen were wounded after a bomb exploded on a public bus on Monday in Guatemala...

Phone Extortion in Mexico Rising

Threatening phone calls made by supposed members of violent crime groups like the Zetas increased 210 percent from 2009, says a Mexican security...

New Trade for Traffickers: Cattle Rustling

Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) like Mexico's La Familia, is entering the cattle rustling business, according to a lengthy article in El Universal. The...