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Yet Another Presidential Candidate in Honduras Accused of Embezzlement

Tegucigalpa mayor Nasry “Tito” Asfura -- who has announced he will run for president in Honduras' 2021 elections -- has been named in a government investigation...
A cocaine laboratory in Honduras

Honduras Proves Fertile Ground for Coca

Authorities in Honduras have destroyed more than 100 acres of coca crops this year, showing that criminal groups continue to use the country...

Demand for Illegal Alcohol Claiming Hundreds of Lives Across Region

A sizeable seizure of adulterated rum shipped to Honduras from Europe reveals the extent to which black markets for alcohol in Latin America have expanded in...

Latin America’s History of Dirty Cops, Ministers and Generals

There is one element that has proven vital to the operational success of international drug trafficking organizations the world over, including Latin America, it is...

The Jaguar King Who Founded Honduras’ Little French Key Zoo

Zimba the jaguar should not have been there. The biologist recognized it as the same jaguar she had ordered to be confiscated a year earlier during her first...

Drug Flights Climb Again in Honduras and Guatemala

The number of destroyed illegal airstrips and the volume of seized cocaine in Honduras this year are set to surpass 2019 figures, indicating...

Crashed Plane in Colombia May Be Example of ‘Cloned Craft’

A small plane that crashed outside the Colombian capital had the same registration number as a drug plane seized in Honduras a decade ago -- a likely case of a...

The Logging Barons of Catacamas, Honduras

Catacamas is the largest municipality in Central America, home to thousands of square kilometers of pristine forest. Political elites in this remote part of...

Honduras Unable to Curb Rising Violence Inside Prisons

Targeted killings, massacres, and deadly riots have all occurred in Honduras' maximum-security prisons this year, putting a spotlight on how violence has spiraled...

Honduras Cocaine Seizures Reveal Renewal of Drug Corridor

Authorities in Honduras have seized more cocaine during the first seven months of this year than all of 2019, indicating a resurgence of one of Central America’s...

Will Convicted Drug Money Launderer Run for President in Honduras?

A powerful business tycoon jailed in the United States for laundering drug money may soon be a presidential candidate in Honduras following his release this month,...

Honduras Buries Pandora Case Along With its Anti-Corruption Fight

A Honduras court has ended the prosecution of nearly two dozen people -- including government officials -- accused in the Pandora case, a vast corruption scheme...