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Study: 2017 Was Deadliest Year in Mexico for Homicides Linked to Organized Crime

Organized crime-related homicides reached a record high in Mexico in 2017, according to a recent study which compares government statistics with documented...
Dissident FARC Commander alias Euclides Mora was killed by the Colombian military

Colombia Military Kills Dissident FARC Commander as Peace Implementation Falters

Dissidents of Colombia's FARC guerrilla group have suffered their most significant blow to date in a military operation that lead to the death of a guerrilla...

LatAm Presidents and the Law: Is Era of Impunity Nearing Its End?

From kidnapping and mass murder to money laundering and misuse of public funds, contemporary Latin American leaders have been investigated for a broad range of...
Police in Mexico City

Report Maps Mexico City’s Organized Crime Landscape

A report mapping cartel presence in and around Mexico City as well as new details on the sophistication of the Tláhuac Cartel, which has been behind recent civil...
The ELN is conducting peace talks with the Colombian government

Despite Peace Talks, Colombia’s ELN Guerrillas Continue Expansion

When Latin America's oldest insurgency, the FARC, officially becomes a political party, their cousins in the ELN will assume the status of Colombia's most powerful...
Photo from an InSight Crime visit to the FARC demobilization zone in Tumaco, Nariño

8 Months In, Concerns Linger as Colombia’s FARC Peace Process Advances

A new report on the main successes and shortcomings of Colombia's historic peace process with the FARC guerrilla group shows that rural violence and politics...
An Indugel explosives seizure

Inside Colombia’s Multimillion-Dollar Black Market Explosives Trade

Colombia's flourishing illegal gold mining business requires explosives, many of which are sourced illicitly. This essential yet overlooked trade has opened the...
Nearly all of the world's 50 most violent cities are located in Latin America

Latin America Again Dominates World’s 50 Deadliest Cities Ranking

Venezuela's capital Caracas has been ranked as the world's deadliest city for a second year in a row, while Latin America still dominates the annual list with 43 of...
Colombia saw record coca production in 2016

Which Regions of Colombia Are Playing the Biggest Role in the Coca Boom?

InSight Crime takes a closer look at shifts in coca cultivation trends in 19 of Colombia's departments based on the most recent US estimates, shedding light on the...
Mexico's state of Chihuahua is confronting a resurgence of violent crime

Rising Violence in Chihuahua, Mexico Points to Homegrown Disputes

The border state of Chihuahua, Mexico is confronting a resurgence of violent crime, but the fight seems more about local revenue streams than international...
Police in Latin America have greatly varied reputations

From Chile to Mexico: Best and Worst of LatAm Police

An embezzlement network uncovered within Chile's prized police shows that corruption can corrode even the most trusted of Latin America's security institutions....
The United States listed several Latin American countries for money laundering in 2017

Why Did US Blacklist Most LatAm Countries for Money Laundering?

The United States has blacklisted nearly all Latin American countries for money laundering in 2017. InSight Crime explores why this is the case, and discusses some...