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Los Pochos, Guatemala’s New Generation of Drug Runners for Sinaloa Cartel

The arrest of a mayor in Guatemala's northern department of San Marcos has unveiled a criminal structure known as "Los Pochos" which investigators see as heirs of...
Sebastiana Hortencia Cotton Vasquez, alias "Tana"

Reports Shed Light on Guatemala Drug Trafficker’s Regional Links

The criminal history of the drug trafficker who reportedly inherited the network once run by crime lord "Juan Chamale" sheds light on the ties between Central...
Extradited Guatemalan drug lord Waldemar Lorenzana

Gap Left by Fallen Guatemala Drug Lords Filled by Competing Clans

Authorities in Guatemala say the underworld has fragmented in the wake of the arrests and extraditions of the country's top drug traffickers, but the flow of...

Guatemala Court Rules to Extradite ‘Juan Chamale’ to US

A Guatemalan court ruled that one of the country's most notorious alleged criminals, Juan Alberto Ortiz Lopez, alias 'Juan Chamale,' can be extradited to the United...

Guatemala Traffickers Exploit Legal Tool to Fight Extradition

A legal safeguard built into Guatemala's justice system is being used to stall the extraditions to the United States of some of the country's most notorious...

As Elections Loom, Report Profiles Guatemala’s Drug Trafficking World

International Crisis Group’s new report on Guatemala paints a bleak picture of a country overrun by Zetas and a government undermined by local drug lords, but it...

Guatemalan Drug Lord, Lover of Horses, Beloved by Fishermen

Guatemala's top drug lord, Juan Alberto Ortiz Lopez, alias "Juan Chamale," is accused of smuggling over 3,000 kilos of cocaine in small fishing boats in 2009,...

Guatemala Protesters Rally for Drug Lord

In recent years Guatemala and Mexico have seen demonstrations in apparent support of convicted or slain drug traffickers. But is it dangerous to interpret these...

Top Guatemalan Drug Trafficker Arrested

A trafficker believed to be a key contact for the Sinaloa Cartel was arrested in Guatemala on Wednesday. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) considered...

Guatemala Poppy Production Up: By How Much?

There is a troubling trend in Guatemala that is very hard to measure: opium poppy production, which provides the raw material for...

Juan Alberto Ortiz Lopez, alias “Juan Chamale”

Until his arrest in March 2011, Juan Alberto Ortiz Lopez, alias "Juan Chamale," was ranked by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as Guatemala's...