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A crime scene in Mexico State

Mexico State Leads Country in Homicides as Govt Launches Intervention

Rising homicides, a high-level capture and a bloody military battle point to growing insecurity in Mexico State, which borders the capital, months after the federal...
Familia leader  Jose de Jesus Mendez, alias "El Chango"

Arrests Show Familia Michoacana Still Active in Southwest Mexico

Recent arrests of alleged kidnappers in Guerrero and arms traffickers in the State of Mexico both lead back to the Familia Michoacana, suggesting the once powerful...
Michoacan is the world's biggest avocado producer

Massive Avocado Farm Extortion Highlights Mexico Vigilantes’ Cause

The Knights Templar and La Familia Michoacana took nearly 13 percent of profits from Mexico's national avocado production over the course of five years,...
Imprisoned members of the Mexican Mafia gang

US Gangs, Mexico Cartels Partner: Sign of the Future?

Drug cartels in Mexico are working with California street gangs to sell drugs and settle scores, according to a new report that highlights an increasing trend of...
Photo of body of Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, alias "El Chayo"

Mythical Leader of Mexico Cartel Dead – For Sure This Time

Marines have killed the founder of the Familia Michoacana and leader of the Knights Templar, a mythical figure in the Mexico underworld, who disappeared in 2010 and...
Mexico City's urban sprawl offers lucrative criminal opportunities

Battle for State of Mexico Puts Pressure on Capital City

Officials in Mexico say four cartels are battling for the state of Mexico, spurring violence on the outskirts of the national capital as they seek control of...
Cocaine from the "Daybreak" seizure

Did Ecuador Cocaine Seizure Belong to Mexico’s Familia Michoacana?

Authorities in Ecuador say two large cocaine seizures off the country's coast belonged to Mexico's Familia Michoacana. However, the fact they are basing this...
Family members hold images of Heaven victim

Latest ‘Heaven’ Revelations in Mexico Show Underworld Complexity

Federal authorities in Mexico said the case of 12 youths snatched from a bar in the capital and murdered was tied to a dispute between two of the country's major...
Still from Kidnapping video of Teloloapan Mayor

Death and Corruption: Organized Crime and Local Govt in Mexico

The gunmen caught up with the police chief of the small town of Puruandiro as he drove before dawn near the beautiful lake that dominates the area. Attacking with...
The 'Matazetas,' a product of criminal fragmentation

The Current State of Mexico’s Many Drug Cartels

It is tempting to separate Mexico's drug cartels into six hierarchical groups, each competing for trafficking turf. The reality, however, is that the Sinaloa...
Posters of the 12 people who disappeared from a Mexico City bar

Explaining Mexico City’s Recent Wave of Violence

A new report from a Mexico City analysis firm details the rivalries among local trafficking groups, thereby revealing some of the deeper causes of some spectacular...

Knights Templar

The Knights Templar (Cabelleros Templarios) emerged in March 2011 as a splinter group of the once-mighty Familia Michoacana. Like their...