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Nazario Moreno, alias "The Craziest One"

Ghost of ‘The Craziest One’ is Alive in Mexico

Gangsters certainly crowd the ranks of the more than 26,000 people said to have disappeared amid Mexico's criminal wars. And at the front of the line stands Nazario...
A 15-ton meth seizure in Mexico from 2012

Will Meth Overtake Cocaine on the Southwest Border?

In recent years, the United States Border Patrol has seen methamphetamine seizures increase and cocaine seizures decrease as Mexican cartels flood the US...
Violence is up in the State of Mexico

Mexico State Violence a Reflection of Chaotic Underworld

Mexico's gangland violence is licking once again at the crowded and chaotic edges of the nation's capital, claiming more than two score lives since January 14 and...
An industrial-scale meth lab discovered in Sinaloa in 2011

Mexican Meth Production Concentrated in 3 Western States

Nearly 90 percent of methamphetamine laboratories discovered in Mexico in the past decade have been located in the three western states of Jalisco, Sinaloa and...
A shrine to Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, depicted in crusader's garb

Knights Templar Fill Familia’s Shoes in Michoacan

The Knights Templar appear to have evolved from a mere spliter group of the Familia Michoacana to assuming control of the latter's powerhouse in Michoacan, paying...
Vigilante group mans roadblock Urapicho, Michoacan

New Vigilante Force Rises in Michoacan, Mexico

A second vigilante force has announced its arrival in a rural region of Michoacan, south Mexico, pointing to the government's failure to provide security to the...
Video showing mayor being threatened by the Familia

Video Shows Familia Michoacana Threatening Mayor

A video has emerged that appears to show the mayor of a city in Guerrero state negotiating with members of the Familia Michoacana gang, illustrating the...
Police on patrol in Mexico State

’30 Killed’ in Gunfight as Mexico State Heats Up

A lengthy gunfight in central Mexico reportedly left 30 people dead last weekend, providing further -- albeit mixed -- evidence of a worsening security climate...

Witness Describes Chainsaw Killing During Fariñas Trial in Nicaragua

A protected witness at the trial of alleged drug trafficker Henry Fariñas provided grisly details of how Fariñas' organization would smuggle cocaine for Mexican...

Oven for Burning Bodies Found in West Mexico

Mexican soldiers uncovered six clandestine graves in Michoacan state, along with a site where victims were tortured, executed and burned in makeshift ovens, a...

How a South Mexican Town Rose up Against Drug Gangs

A report about a small Mexican town which defied powerful criminal groups offers a close-up portrait of the methods of the Familia Michoacana and Caballeros...

Dead Drug Boss ‘Sainted’ in Mexico

Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, the deceased founder of the Familia Michoacana drug gang, is reportedly worshipped as a saint in his home state of Michoacan, drawing...