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Guatemalan trafficker Waldemar Lorenzana

Guatemala Drug Lord Still in US Custody Amid Debate Over Mental State

The "patriarch" of drug trafficking in Guatemala, Waldemar Lorenzana, was quietly released from US prison in 2015, it has emerged, adding a new twist to a saga that...
Waldemar Lorenzana-Cordón

US Convicts Sons of Guatemala’s Lorenzana Drug Clan

A US court has convicted two sons of a top Guatemala crime figure on international drug trafficking charges, heightening the possibility they might trade...

Guatemala Extradites Brutal Drug Trafficker to US

Guatemalan authorities recently extradited drug trafficker Jairo Orellana, alias "El Pelon," to the United States, ending a criminal career that left a bloody...
Waldemar Lorenzana Lima

Alzheimer’s May Get Guatemala Drug Trafficker Out of Prison

Twenty years ago, the United States patiently prepared a punishment for Waldemar Lorenzana Lima, one of the most prominent drug traffickers in Guatemala. But in...
Waldemar Lorenzana, alias "the Patriarch"

Betrayal in the Family Drug Business: The Lorenzanas in Guatemala

Loyalty is one of the strengths of family drug trafficking clans. But the Lorenzanas in Guatemala are the exception. The children of Waldemar Lorenzana Lima...

Guatemala Extradites Son of Top Drug Trafficker

Guatemala's recent extradition of a prominent drug trafficker marks the end of the Lorenzana crime family, once considered one of Guatemala's top crime families....
Waldemar Lorenzana prior to his extradition

Guatemala Drug Trafficker Waldemar Lorenzana May Have Alzheimer’s

The story of the precipitous fall of Guatemala's once-feared drug trafficker Waldemar Lorenzana may now include...
Horst Walther Overdick Mejía, alias "Tiger"

The Fall of Guatemala’s 3 Top Drug Lords

The stories of the captures of Walter Montejo, Elio Lorenzana, and Walther Overdick -- three of Guatemala's criminal capos wanted by the US -- shed light on the...
Waldemar Lorenzana

Has Extradited Guatemala Criminal ‘Patriarch’ Turned US Informant?

The extradited former head of Guatemala's Lorenzana criminal organization has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges after reportedly being offered a deal...
Extradited Guatemalan drug lord Waldemar Lorenzana

Gap Left by Fallen Guatemala Drug Lords Filled by Competing Clans

Authorities in Guatemala say the underworld has fragmented in the wake of the arrests and extraditions of the country's top drug traffickers, but the flow of...
Waldemar Lorenzana has been extradited to the US

Guatemala’s Underworld ‘Patriarch,’ Lorenzana, Extradited to US

Guatemala's government has extradited longtime drug trafficking suspect Waldemar Lorenzana to the United States, a move that will please the US authorities and send...
Waldemar Lorenzana

Guatemala Drug Lord Finally Faces Extradition to US

Guatemala's President Otto Perez has approved an extradition request from the United States for drug trafficker Waldemar Lorenzana, though the long delayed process...