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Cali is Colombia's most violent city

Report Breaks Down 15 Years of Bloodshed in Colombia’s Murder Capital

A new analysis of 15 years of homicide statistics in Colombia's most violent city, Cali, highlights the direct correlation between underworld evolutions and...
Hector Alonso Castro Franco, alias "Hector Largo"

Colombia Captures “Czar” of Thriving Synthetic Drug Trade

Police in Colombia have captured the country's "czar" of synthetic drugs, highlighting the growing demand for party drugs among Colombia's wealthy and the...
A criminal pact could soon see violence drop in Cali

Cali Criminal Pact Could Spark New Era for Crime in Colombia

Former sworn enemies from criminal clans based in Colombia's violence capital, Cali, have brokered an alliance from prison, according to security forces, which if...
Mafia violence has made Cali Colombia's most violent city

Old Generation Narcos Fuel Colombia’s New Mafia Wars

Violence in Colombia's Pacific region is being driven not only by new generation BACRIM groups but also by drug traffickers from the long gone Cali Cartel, say...
Captured Machos leader Mario Urdinola, alias 'Chicho'

15 Years of Blood, Vengeance: The Norte Del Valle Cartel Feud Continues

The bitter vendetta that split Colombia's Norte Del Valle Cartel has now claimed its third generation of victims, and continues to play out as the Rastrojos battle...
The leader of the Machos, who has been captured in Colombia

Machos Arrest Could Knock Urabeños’ Power in West Colombia

Colombian police have captured the alleged head of the once-mighty Machos drug gang, in a blow to his allies in the Urabeños, and their campaign to push rivals the...

Head of the Once-Mighty Machos Surrenders

The leader of the decimated Machos, a group once responsible for shipping hundreds of tons of cocaine to the US, has surrendered, while his bitter rivals, the...