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Corruption Cries Mount Over Pandemic Spending in El Salvador

On August 9, the website on which the El Salvador government publishes all of the country's contract expenditures suddenly went dark. The shutdown came amid...

Honduras Cocaine Seizures Reveal Renewal of Drug Corridor

Authorities in Honduras have seized more cocaine during the first seven months of this year than all of 2019, indicating a resurgence of one of Central America’s...

Renewed La Línea Investigations Further Implicate Guatemala Officials

Anti-impunity prosecutors in Guatemala have presented an investigation into one of the country’s most notorious customs fraud networks, showing that even some...

Homicide Drop in El Salvador: Presidential Triumph or Gang Trend?

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has credited his crime-fighting plan for a 60 percent drop in homicides this year. But the country’s violent street gangs...

5 Times the MS13 Tried — and Failed — to Become Drug Traffickers

The US indictment of an MS13 leader in El Salvador chronicles the latest failure of the infamous street gang to transform itself into a more sophisticated,...

US Indictment of Fmr Minister Rekindles Stalled Guatemala Investigations

The indictment of a former economics minister in Guatemala for money laundering -- some of the very same charges he faced in his home country -- shows how US...

Will Convicted Drug Money Launderer Run for President in Honduras?

A powerful business tycoon jailed in the United States for laundering drug money may soon be a presidential candidate in Honduras following his release this month,...

Honduras Buries Pandora Case Along With its Anti-Corruption Fight

A Honduras court has ended the prosecution of nearly two dozen people -- including government officials -- accused in the Pandora case, a vast corruption scheme...

El Salvador Arrests General Behind 2012 Gang Truce

Salvadoran authorities have arrested General David Munguía Payés, a former defense minister who spearheaded a controversial truce between the government of former...

Guatemala Imposes Martial Law Under Pretext of Combating Organized Crime

The Guatemalan government has once again imposed martial law in a region pivotal to organized crime, but its reasons may have less to do with criminal activity than...

US Indictment of MS13 Leader More (Political) Smoke Than (Terrorist) Fire

Last week, with great fanfare, the US government for the first time levied terrorism charges against a little known MS13 gang leader, but the indictment comes off...
Corte Suprema de Justicia de Guatemala

Guatemala’s New Anti-Corruption Body: a Mere Smokescreen?

The creation of a new anti-corruption office in Guatemala has raised questions about whether the body will have any teeth, with former prosecutors saying that it...