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Colombia's San Andres island

Urabeños Fight for Control of Colombia’s San Andres Island

The Urabeños are fighting rival drug gangs, the Paisas and the Rastrojos, for control of San Andres, a Colombian island whose location close to the...
German Bustos, alias "El Puma"

Narco’s Capture Highlights Shifting Alliances Among Colombian Gangs

The arrest of a leader of Colombian gang the Paisas reveals the fast-changing dynamics of the drug conflict, in which gangs change names and sides constantly...

La Guajira: Up for Grabs for Colombia’s Drug Gangs?

The strategic Colombian peninsula of La Guajira, a sought after departure point for drugs heading across the Caribbean, may be up for grabs once more with the...

Colombia Captures Paisas Leader

The second-in-command of Colombian criminal band the Paisas has been captured, once again, by the Colombian police, reports El Colombiano. Oscar Mauricio Galvis,...

InSight: Colombia’s Land Reform Plan Targets Trouble Spots

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos has been widely praised for his grand plan to return swathes of land to the country’s massive population of internal...

RawFeed: WikiLeaks Casts Old Light on New Problem

WikiLeaks is a curious, multilayered beast. On the surface, the diplomatic cables reveal "secrets." But perhaps more importantly, they give us context and meaning...

Police Surge in Cordoba After Student Killings

Colombian authorities have announced a renewed offensive in the coastal province of Cordoba, where drug-trafficking gangs are clashing over the control of key...

Angel de Jesus Pacheco Chanci, alias ‘Sebastian’

Angel de Jesus Pacheco Chanci, alias "Sebastian," is generally recognized as being responsible for a great deal of the mayhem that afflicted northeast Antioquia,...

Rafael Alvarez Piñeda, alias ‘Chepe’

A member of Colombia’s AUC, Rafael Alvarez Piñeda, alias "Chepe," demobilized in 2006, going on to lead the paramilitary successor group the Paisas, but later...

Cesar Augusto Torres Lujan, alias ‘Mono Vides’

A former fighter in the paramilitary United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), Cesar Augusto Torres Lujan, alias "Mono Vides," was a commander...

Mapping Conflict Dynamics in Guajira, Colombia

La Guajira is one of Colombia's most contentious states. Nestled along the northern coast and the Venezuelan border, the area serves as a stage, depot, production...

La Guajira: Dynamics of the Conflict

La Guajira, the oft-forgotten, arid northeast corner of Colombia is one of Colombia’s most contentious and provides a window into the complexity of the current...