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Cables Highlight Panama’s Weakness While FARC Threaten Border

A series of WikiLeaks cables paints a grim picture of Panama’s capacity to respond to the increasingly aggressive FARC rebels, who have found refuge in the swamps...

WikiLeaks: Panama Politicians Suspected of Drug Trafficking

Officials at the U.S. Embassy in Panama suspected that country's politicians of taking part in arms and drug trafficking, according to a cable released by...

Refugee Council USA: Living on the Edge – Colombian Refugees in Panama and Ecuador

This report by the Refugee Council USA, a coalition of NGOs, focuses on the situation of the many Colombian refugees in Ecuador and Panama. As part of the...

Small Wars Journal: Panama: Is Restructuring the Razor to Cut Out Corruption?

Anthony Scheidel analyzes the reorganization of Panama's security forces and other governmental institutions. These reforms, which began...

Panama: At the Mouth of the Funnel

When President Barack Obama makes his first visit to Central America next week, Panama will most likely not be on the list of topics. While 75 tons of cocaine were...

Colombia, Panama Sign Border Security Pact

Colombia and Panama signed an agreement to cooperate in fighting crime along their shared border region, which is a key location for groups trafficking drugs,...

Mexican Police Arrest Central American Contact for Zetas

Mexican Federal Police arrested Eduardo Ramírez Valencia, alias 'El Profe,' an alleged operator of the Zetas crime syndicate in the State of...

Number of Panama Street Gangs Nearly Triples Since 2005

Street gangs in Panama are continuing to gain territory, according to a recent...

Panama to Set Up Another Airbase

Panamanian authorities announced the construction of the fifth air station in the Veraguas province, along the Belén river, some 110 miles to the west of the...