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José Carlos Ramírez Umanzor, mayor of Pasaquina, was arrested on May 31

Shadow of Perrones Looms over El Salvador Mayor’s Arrest

The arrest in El Salvador of a mayor suspected of drug trafficking has raised new questions about politicians' complicity with organized crime groups in the Central...
Former DEA agent Danny Dalton

Ex-DEA Agent: US Tolerant of Central American Drug Corruption

Former DEA agent in El Salvador Danny Dalton doesn't mince words: Central America's drug trafficking organizations would not be so well developed without the help...
Domingo Saravia and his wife Carmelina

El Salvador to Seize Assets of Perrones Criminal Network

A couple convicted of money laundering are set to be the first members of Salvadoran drug trafficking group the Perrones to have their assets seized, as authorities...
Jose Enrique Torres

Police Op Sheds Light on Ongoing Activities of El Salvador’s Perrones

Police in El Salvador have dismantled a criminal network run by a member of the Perrones with Barrio 18 gang ties, providing insight into the continued activities...
Chepe Luna is welcomed by family in 2012

The Corrupt Legacy of El Salvador Trafficker ‘Chepe Luna’

Drug trafficker-turned-transport tycoon "Chepe Luna," shot dead in Honduras last month, will be survived by his web of corruption, with an extensive network of...
Jose Natividad Luna Pereira, alias "Chepe Luna"

Was the Assassination of El Salvador’s ‘Chepe Luna’ a Criminal Hit or Just Business?

The alleged leader of El Salvador's Los Perrones drug running group "Chepe Luna" has been assassinated in Honduras, raising questions about whether he was killed...

The Fixer and El Salvador’s Missed Opportunity

In the photograph, they are both smiling. In the foreground, on the left hand side, a man in a short-sleeved buttoned white shirt, jeans and a metal watch, holds a...

How an El Salvador Drug Trafficker Smuggled Cocaine Into the US

The woman phoned the office of the antinarcotics division (DAN) in Bolivar, in El Salvador's La Union province, on August 13, 2008, at 1:30 PM. Investigators later...

Operation Chameleon in El Salvador: Anatomy of a Failure

The experience with Jose Natividad "Chepe" Luna -- the drug trafficker who had eluded a giant dragnet in 2004 -- had demonstrated that the leaks from the National...
 Jose Natividad Luna Pereira, alias “Chepe Luna"

‘Chepe Luna,’ the Police and the Art of Escape

The United States -- which through its antinarcotics, judicial and police attaches was very familiar with the routes used for smuggling, and especially those used...

The Infiltrators: Corruption in El Salvador’s Police

Ricardo Mauricio Menesses Orellana liked horses, and the Pasaquina rodeo was a great opportunity to enjoy a party. He was joined at the event -- which was...
Daniel Quezada Fernandez, accused Perrones leader

El Salvador Justice System Gets Second Shot at Perrones Leader

El Salvador's attorney general has formally accused a leader of the country's notorious Perrones drug trafficking organization of laundering over $3 million,...