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Guatemala Police Case Stirs Up Dark Memories

Authorities in Guatemala have arrested seven individuals, among them four police officers, accused of belonging to a criminal organization dedicated to arms...

Police Reform Top Concern for New Dominican Republic President

The Dominican Republic’s new president has put police reform at the top of his security priorities, marking just the latest effort to fight the official...

Argentina Casino Shutdown Allowing Illegal Gambling Rings to Thrive

Authorities in Argentina have implicated local police and prosecutors in an illegal gambling and extortion ring linked to the infamous Los Monos crime group,...

Nicaragua Police Seizing Record Drug Money While Cocaine Seizures Fall

Nicaragua’s National Police is seizing large amounts of drug money while confiscating less cocaine compared to years past, calling into question how the...

Brazil Police Killings Rise During Coronavirus Pandemic

The states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro recorded upticks in numbers of killings by Brazilian police during the first months of 2020, even while crime rates...

A Fractured System – Mexico’s Criminal Investigation Network

In 2015, Mexico City’s government launched an electronic system that would coordinate the work of police, experts and public ministries, to improve their...

As Officer Murders Soar, Identity Crisis Plagues Mexico’s Local Police

Two municipal police officers, Omar Nieves and Noemí Esperanza, were on routine patrol, sitting in traffic in broad daylight on a highway in northern Celaya, when...

The Never-Ending List of Allegations Against Mexico’s Former Top Cop

The former head of Mexico’s federal police has been implicated in a money-laundering scheme that moved millions in suspected bribes from cartels. This is just the...

In Honduras, Coronavirus Lockdown is Enforced at Gunpoint

Militarized police forces are at the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic in Honduras. Yet after more than a decade building a formidable state security arsenal,...

Torture is Widespread, Systematic Security Tactic in Mexico: Report

Of the tens of thousands of investigations into the use of torture in Mexico since 2006, less than one percent have ended in convictions -- stark evidence of the...

The DEA Academy: The Double Agent Factory

It must have felt like a real kick in the gut for those at the DEA when they found out that Commander Iván Reyes Arzate, who had been an agency lackey for eight...
43 people have been violently killed in Rosario since the start of 2020

Police Corruption Blamed as Bodies Pile Up in Rosario, Argentina

Argentina’s inability to contain a new wave of violent murders in the strategically located city of Rosario has exposed a deeply fragmented criminal landscape and...