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After Prosecutor’s Murder, Will Colombia Protect Its Anti-Crime Crusaders?

A murky investigation into the assassination of a leading prosecutor in Cali puts at risk the country's ability to protect the lawyers and judges investigating...

Police Again at Center of Latest Death Squad Uncovered in El Salvador

A hit squad in El Salvador that included police officers, including some from elite units, gunned down dozens of people, underscoring how nearly 30 years after the...

Majority of Mexico Police Force Unfit for Service

The majority of police officers across Mexico are unfit for duty three years after the government established a firm timeframe for reforming the institution,...

Is Sonora the Swansong for Mexico’s Local Police Forces?

Police in Mexico's northern state of Sonora are resigning as many of their colleagues are violently killed but the government is plugging the gap with its new...

Entire Police Forces Continue to be Arrested in Mexico

The arrest of a town's entire police department in Mexico's state of Chihuahua reflects just how insidious police corruption continues to be in the country, with...

Honduras Police Purge May Be Derailed by Alternative Agenda

Honduras has created an elite force to keep tabs on former police officers purged from the security services for suspected criminal activity, but there are reasons...

Spike in Mexico Lynchings is Grave Warning Sign

The number of mob lynchings in Mexico nearly tripled last year -- a sign citizens gravely distrust police and would rather take justice into their own...
Argentina's Federal Police Force has nearly 30,000 members

Argentina’s Corrupt Federal Police: A Few Bad Apples?

The arrest of the federal police chief in Argentina's strategically located province of Santa Fe on drug trafficking charges has forced authorities to once again...

High-Ranking Bolivia Police Gave Protection to Wanted Drug Trafficker

A number of high-ranking police officials in Bolivia have been arrested for their suspected links to a drug trafficker wanted for years by police in...

Guatemala Dismantles Ring of Police Moonlighting as Hitmen

A series of arrests in Guatemala has brought down a criminal group made up of police officers working as drug dealers and hitmen, showing how the country has not...

Is Mexico’s New National Guard Just Another Uniform?

Mexico’s new National Guard is another step closer to taking up arms, but the logic behind the agency’s creation and its potential for improving the nation’s...

Police Exercise License to Kill in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro

Killings by police in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro nearly doubled in January 2019 when compared to the previous month -- suggesting that President Jair Bolsonaro's and...