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Sebastian (Oficina)

Alias "Sebastian" after his capture

‘Sebastian’ Moved to Max Security Prison to Break Medellin Mafia Command

Medellin mafia boss “Sebastian,” who was captured in August, has been moved to Colombia’s highest security prison following complaints from the police that he...

Colombia Captures Medellin Mafia Kingpin ‘Sebastian’

Colombian police have captured one of the country’s biggest criminal bosses, the Oficina de Envigado’s Erick Vargas Cardenas, alias...

Corruption Allegations Fly, in Politics as Usual for Medellin

Alonso Salazar, the outgoing mayor of Medellin, has repeatedly accused a leading candidate in the upcoming elections of associating with criminal groups. However,...

Colombia Mass Graves Linked to Medellin Mafia War

Nine bodies were found in three mass grave in northern Colombia, which police said could be linked to the conflict between two rival factions of Medellin criminal...

Medellin Police Arrest 25 Gang Members

Colombia's police captured 25 members of gang 'La Camila,' an armed group that is accused of murders, narco-trafficking, extortion and forced displacement in the...

Medellin Mafia Dealt Second Blow With Arrest

Colombian police have arrested the alleged second-in-command of a faction of the Medellin mafia, another indication that the security forces are cracking down on...

Thousands Displaced in Medellin

In Colombia there are reports by El Tiempo that the urban violence in Medellin has displaced at least 1,870 people so far this year. Those are only the...

Erickson Vargas Cardenas, alias ‘Sebastian’ (Oficina)

Erickson Vargas Cardenas, alias "Sebastian," is a former hitman turned leader of the feared Oficina de Envigado organization that operates in and around Medellin,...

Oficina de Envigado

The Oficina de Envigado has evolved from a debt collection agency for Pablo Escobar to a mafia federation that regulates almost all criminal activity in...