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AMLO Security Crackdown Met With Mexico Cartel Death Threats

Two death threats were made against the president of Mexico in the same week from two different criminal groups, suggesting that the president’s strategy for...

Mexico Organized Crime-Related Executions Hit Record High: Report

A new report says that executions linked to organized crime in Mexico have skyrocketed to record levels during the first six months of 2018, underscoring how...
Martin Corona was an enforcer for the Tijuana Cartel

Former Tijuana Cartel Hitman’s Memoir Keeps Crime Group in the Background

In "Confessions of a Cartel Hit Man," former Tijuana Cartel enforcer Martin Corona traces his rise through the ranks of the hegemonic crime group during...
Drug war violence plagues La Paz, Mexico

Northwest Mexico Erupts in Violence in Next Generation Cartel Wars

A bloody cartel war raging in the state of Baja California Sur hints at the new strategies and alliances forming as Mexico's fragmented underworld...
Tijuana in Mexico's Baja California state

Mexico’s Jalisco Cartel Expands to Baja California: Official

Authorities in Mexico have voiced fears the Jalisco Cartel has arrived in Baja California state, the most substantial indication yet the powerful criminal...

‘Tijuana Cartel Operators’ Captured in Bolivia

Bolivia's capture of two Peruvians who allegedly worked for the Tijuana Cartel highlights Bolivia's central role in the region's cocaine "air bridge," and raises...
An alleged leader of the Tijuana Cartel, Juan Lorenzo Vargas Gallardo, alias "El Chan"

Tijuana Cartel Resurgent in Mexico: Official

Mexico's Tijuana Cartel is reportedly marshaling its forces in an attempt to gain back some of its lost glory, according to one security official, providing a look...
Alberto Santillan Zamora

Captured Peru Narco Boss Worked with Mexico’s Tijuana Cartel

Peru's National Police have arrested a man identified as one of the country's most wanted criminals and the leader of an international drug trafficking organization...
The Arellano Felix family

‘Narco-Mom’ Takes Charge of Tijuana Cartel

The capture of Tijuana Cartel leader Fernando Sanchez Arellano has left his mother in charge of the Mexican drug trafficking group, a change that could herald a...
Fernando Sanchez Arellano, alias 'El Ingeniero'

Tijuana Cartel Leader Arrest Could Mean End of Drug Empire

Authorities in Mexico have captured the leader of the debilitated Tijuana Cartel, removing what will likely prove the last of Arellano Felix clan with the ability...
Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix

Gunman Dressed as a Clown Kills Oldest Tijuana Cartel Brother

A gunman disguised as a clown has killed the oldest brother in the clan running Mexico's once-mighty Tijuana Cartel, raising the question: why would someone target...
Police fight narcos during Tijuana's 2008 drug war violence

How Tijuana’s Criminal Virtuous Cycle Has Reduced Violence

A new report examines the factors behind Tijuana's relative lack of violence compared to other northern Mexico cities, and raises questions about whether the recent...