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New Index Finds Corruption Worsening Across Latin America

An index looking at the ability of Latin American countries to combat corruption has highlighted that signs of progress are still few and far between, and the...

Brazen Murder of Soldiers Latest Incident to Raise Alarm in Uruguay

The unprecedented murder of three soldiers in Uruguay has again raised the alarm about the seemingly growing brazenness of criminal actors in a country long...

Record Seizures of Cocaine Expose Severe Flaws at Uruguay’s Main Airport

Over the past year, repeated allegations of weak security and customs checks at Uruguay's main international airport in Montevideo have showcased its important role...

Uruguay Tries to Make Sense of Repeated Attacks on Police

The growing number of attacks on police in Uruguay reflects the growing role of local organized crime in a country that until recently was thought to be one of the...

Capital Murder: 2019 Homicide Rates in Latin America’s Capital Cities

In a year marked by political and criminal turmoil, Latin American capitals did not escape the effects of the violence, organized crime and state repression...

Uruguay Navy Officers in Worrying Link to Drug Trafficking

A network of navy officials accused of providing jet fuel for aircraft transporting drugs has revealed startling corruption within Uruguay's security agencies, at a...

Europe Busts Point to Uruguay as Cocaine Transit Point

More than a half a ton of cocaine was smuggled aboard a private jet that landed in Switzerland after departing from Uruguay, revealing that traffickers could be...

Prison Break of Italian Mafia Boss Threatens Uruguay’s Reputation

The high-profile prison break of Italian mafia boss Rocco Morabito from prison in Montevideo has further called into doubt Uruguay's reputation as one of the...
Gerardo González Valencia, one of the leaders of the Cuinis lived in Argentina

Los Cuinis May Have Laundered Money Through Argentina, Uruguay

Argentina officials are investigating the financial arm of a powerful Mexican cartel -- showing the country's eagerness to shed its notoriety as a money laundering...

Synthetic ‘Pink Cocaine’ Crossing from Argentina Into Uruguay

Anti-drug officials in Uruguay are warning citizens about the arrival of a new kind of alleged pink cocaine from Argentina, underscoring how the synthetic drugs...

Is Organized Crime Behind Uruguay’s Homicide Uptick?

After a spate of homicides in Uruguay, there is growing concern that violence is connected to organized crime groups, an assessment that could be premature and...

Uruguay Proposes Restructuring Prison System to Focus on Rehabilitation

Uruguay President Tabaré Vázquez has introduced legislation aimed at refocusing the country’s penitentiary system on rehabilitating inmates days after a prison...