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Carlos Luis Revete, alias ‘El Coqui’

Carlos Luis Revette, alias “El Coqui,” is one of Venezuela’s most wanted criminals and leader of the “megabanda" that controls the Cota 905 district to the...

Álex Saab

Álex Saab is a Colombian businessman known for making million dollar deals with the Venezuelan government involving prefabricated houses and the state’s food...

Samark López Bello

Samark López Bello is a Venezuelan businessman and currently a fugitive from American justice facing charges of laundering drug...

Tareck El Aissami

Tareck El Aissami is the Minister of Industries and National Production of Venezuela. He has held this position since June 2018, the latest in a series of...

Walid Makled

Once the most powerful civilian drug trafficker in Venezuela, Syrian-born Venezuelan citizen Walid Makled, otherwise known as El Turco or El Arabe, managed cocaine...